Azure BizTalk Services for a Healthcare provider

female viagra pills Client team approached Vishwak Solutions through its principal IT vendor for a permanent solution that can speed up the process and scale with growing volume of data. Vishwak developed an integration system powered by cialis generic buy Microsoft Azure BizTalk services which provides common integration capabilities for bridges, transforms, B2B messaging on Microsoft Azure. In line with Cloud strategy, Oracle ERP system has been implemented in Microsoft Azure and integrated solution to improve the communication and exchange data between systems and for an faster onboarding of new Clients. This new system would integrate all Client maintained system into one and avoid cumbersome manual integration with standard mechanism. Reconciliation and automated tracking would be part of the system and all manual works are avoided. cialis free trial The above said process has been accomplished using cloud hosted solution mentioned:

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  • BizTalk services deployed on Microsoft Azure.
  • Created process maps and transforms for all identified processes and interfaces processes used in Client maintained systems.
  • BizTalk bridges created and deployed on Microsoft Azure to send and receive messages, this works by picking up the data using worker role process in azure cloud service and sends these messages to the deployed bridges.
  • This process runs on a timely basis of 30 seconds and runs spontaneously on cloud service.

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