Key trends in cloud application development for 2016

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  1. comprar viagra generico portugal Verticalization and PaaS: The first phase of cloud adoption has ensured availability of reliable infrastructure available through an operational expenditure paradigm.  The next logical phase of this will be the verticalization of cloud applications.  The demand will be for more vertical specific applications on the cloud, and by extension, the need for Platforms as a Service (PaaS)
  1. cialis 5mg prix Containerization: Application portability will be critical, and the use of containers that encapsulate applications for cross platform portability will be a key element of cloud app development.

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  1. pfizer viagra india price Large scale data access and management: Deployment of high performance servers that use Haswell CPUs allowing significantly higher number of virtual machines per server instance; and in-memory database instances that reach 2 TB DRAM are all the order of the day. The response from the application development community is Software Defined Networks (SDN), with automated policy driven network management being the norm.
  1. Abstraction of server centric model, leading to event driven program execution: The trend is slowly moving towards developers running code encapsulating business functionality, as opposed to managing server instances.

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  1. viagra in canada Go programming language: Go is the programming language used by the new generation cloud services providers, such as DropBox, Docker, SoundCloud, ThoughtWorks, etc.  The versatility of Go is derived from the fact that it is developed as an open source programming language for systems programming, targeting multiple platforms including smartphones.

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  1. Emphasis on disaster recovery: Traditionally, disaster recovery (DR) has been an issue for IT. But cloud enables them to address many previous problems — testing DR systems, combating the high cost of installing a backup system, and accurately mimicking potential disasters.
  1. Emergence of Spark as the model for enterprise big data: The role of big data in enterprise cloud computing is gaining importance day by day, since companies now have at their disposal huge tranches of data for decision making.

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