Mobile Payment for an Online Retailer

For a leading retailer’s online store, Vishwak enabled access from Mobile devices and Mobile Payment integration. The existing Desktop (Web) online store was developed and maintained by Vishwak and powered by Microsoft Commerce Server platform.

The web store was extended for mobile users with ability to browse products, to view latest products and purchase them through mobile or add items to their cart for deferred purchase. As a first of its kind feature, Vishwak’s retail team enabled seamless transition from Mobile to Web. The cart saved from Mobile can be purchased through web by logging into the regular web store. This way, the user can complete the transaction at their convenience either from Mobile or from PC. Apart from online purchase by Credit/Debit card, Products purchased through mobile can be paid through CoD (Cash on Delivery) as well.

Mobile Payment for Retail

Mobile payment gateway for credit card/debit card is provided by mChek, a mobile payment solution that securely links credit/debit card to a mobile number and helps make payment from that mobile. Once a payment request is received by the mobile payment gateway it initiates an USSD session and prompts for a PIN (shared secret) from the mobile subscriber; the user enters the PIN. The USSD message is then sent back from the mobile device to mChek server. On receiving the authorization from the mobile user, the mobile payment gateway communicates with respective VISA/MasterCard gateways as per PCI-DSS standards. Post the required validation the mobile payment service uses the Application’s Web Service interfaces for validating inventory status. Based on the inventory availability the transaction is confirmed to the mobile users through SMS or IVR.

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