Top 5 emerging cloud application development platforms

3D Cloud Application On Computer Keyboard. Cloud Computing Conce

Thanks to a growing group of PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers, cloud computing is becoming more prominent as a mechanism for developers to seamlessly deploy applications. Whereas IaaS providers offer bare compute cycles, SaaS providers offer access to such apps as CRM online, PaaS offerings provide turnkey services for developers to get their apps […]

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Key trends in cloud application development for 2016

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Cloud application development has revolutionized enterprise computing. The importance of a cloud app development approach has been established beyond doubt.  The previous years saw noticeable highs in this realm, but also some serious lows in cloud security, due to the damaging security breaches in Target, HomeDepot, and Sony Pictures. As the curtains are drawn on […]

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Vishwak Video Framework powers Malayala Manorama

Myvideos Manorama Online

Today, Malayala Manorama has launched their new Citizen Journalist Video Portal (MyVideos). Vishwak is proud to announce its Vishwak Video Framework (VVF) is powering this Video Portal. As a Amazon Web Services Solutions Provider Vishwak was able to offer the latest cloud hosting technologies with Amazon EC2 instances. As Adobe Solution Partner, Vishwak utilized its […]

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